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Welcome to Bulletproof Investing Club!


Our mission is to facilitate the adoption of Cardano so that it continues to improve life of millions and billions of people around the world. Our focus area is Thailand. As the Cardano ecosystem grows, we hope to see people utilize Cardano to address many challenges that the country is facing.

About the name… Bulletproof?

1. We believe that blockchain technology and digital payment system will replace ongoing fiat currency system that the central government has an absolute control over how much they want to print (out of thin air). So, the more fiat money is generated, the less value it holds. If you believe the same, unlike fiat, investing in a deflationary crypto currency like Cardano at this stage will only appreciate in value in a long term horizon (3-5 years).

2. It is important to understand that in the proof of stake protocol of Cardano, staking your ADA will never harm your original investment. In fact, the coin will never leave your wallet during the delegation! Hence, participating in the staking directly with a Stake Pool Operator like us can be seen as a bulletproof-way to grow your wealth. You will not lose your ADA and we will manage your staking rewards securely and efficiently.



More information about Cardano staking can be found here