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Why should you join our staking pool?


You can rest assured as your Cardano staking rewards are in good hands. We have the right team with the right experiences that will SECURE your investment, MAXIMIZE your ADA staking rewards and DELIVER the passive income you deserve. We also believe that the blockchain technology has a power to change the world to a better place. We are excited to be part of the movement and want to help drive the adoption of cryptocurrency in Thailand where we were born.

The security of your staking rewards is our top priority. We deploy the most stringent security measure recommended by security experts.


We aim to achieve 100% up time so you can maximize your gain. You can rest assured that you are in good hand

We determine to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. If you need help, please make sure to check out our FAQ section that usually answers most if not all of your questions


Meet The Team


Luke Boongird (MBA, M.Sc.)

Businessman and a blockchain believer who is proud to be part of the exciting future of decentralization.


Varut Atthakornpun (M.Sc. Network Systems)

Software Engineer with over a decade of hand-on direct (DevOps) experiences in the industry