We are actively working on the following projects and would appreciate your supports to foster the Cardano ecosystem. Please follow us on Twitter at @BulletCardano and @BulletproofNFTs. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

  • WRAPNETWORK (www.wrapnetwork.xyz) – Bring ADA to the other blockchains in a form of wrapped Cardano. Unleash your Cardano to its full potentials and you can use your wrapped token in any applications/blockchains. You can provide your support by sharing your constructive feedback here.
  • BULLETPROOF VAULT NFTS – A unique NFTs that will be rewarded to our BULPF pool delegators as a token of appreciation. Each comes with a serial number that can be collected as a collectible, trade in the open market and can be exchanged back for a special physical reward (TBD).